Video: Get Inspired to Paint!

Don’t Wait for Permission to Create Your Art Life
Don’t Wait for Permission to Create Your Art Life
November 1, 2021
Is Your Day Job Draining Your Soul?
November 9, 2021
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Video: Get Inspired to Paint!

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The world can use a little uplifting Art inspiration right now – so here it is from my studio to YOURS…

Enjoy these mixed media painting clips and motivational messages to put a smile on your face, and lift your energy today. This video will motivate you to get in your studio… and if you want to learn more, scroll down to the links below. HAPPY PAINTING!

Creating art is about playing, treating yourself, and delighting in paint, materials and experimentation. This video show you a lot of what life looks like as an Artist working in my studio every week. Enjoy this uplifting video of studio shots from the last year, and music to inspire you!

… and if you want to learn more you can watch my free class at…


PS. If you’re not getting in your studio enough, and you need help getting going, you can book an Art Breakthrough call with me here.  These calls are for women who are ready to take their Art to the next level. Please don’t book a call with me if you’re just looking for free information… If you’re ready to get the support to live your best Art life, I’d love to talk with you here!

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