From Dabbling to Confidence & Selling- Interview with Nathalie Gosselin

Nathalie had been painting 5 years, taking classes and being an active member in an Art Association. She had never sold a painting.

She wanted to make art that moved people, while still focusing on the beauty and creative process within.

Nathalie’s painting wasn’t moving forward fast enough. She didn’t know her true path, or what road to follow.

Nathalie wanted to feel confident and believe in herself, to live a “higher” life. She needed support, structure, and was searching for help when she found me.

Within just six weeks, Nathalie found how to express her passionate and voice in her Art, had begun a stunning body of work and was selling paintings!

Enjoy this live interview with Nathalie on how she opened up to take new risks in her Art, committed to her Creative growth, and found her wings….and sold six paintings!

success from kellie day program

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