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Winter Woods – healing art © Kellie-Day, Available

Art is one of the most powerful ways to transmit calm and healing energy. When my dad was recently in the hospital for three weeks, I would walk up and down the halls, and the only thing that made it nice were the windows, and the Art.

Although I love to paint lots of bright, bold cheerful paintings with vibrant colors, I also thrive on painting the juxtapose of soothing art. Painting is a spiritual connection for me. When I paint, I have to let go of thought and access what I call, “the greater creative channel”. I start by meditating, writing, drinking tea, researching ideas. … and then I enter my art studio.

There is a certain “giving up” of oneself in creating art. You let yourself go, and let go of control of the outcome and your initial idea, and succumb to what is happening right then and there as you create. It’s like a trust fall.

I don’t believe in good or bad art (I tell my students this all the time), I believe we are just expressing who we are in that moment.

“Amateur art” is not art that is “less than”, it’s art where someone is still in the earlier part of learning, and/or hasn’t begun to let go and receive a greater expression that can be channelled through us.

From time to time I’m approached by health facilities for healing art. One of the greatest honors I’ve had is providing art for healthcare, because I know how much it helps the loved ones and the patients while they are scared or anxious.

Here are a few examples of paintings I’ve made that are healing…. I hope that you will find great calm in these.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece for your home, commission or for corporate art you can contact me here.

Take good care!

Kellie Day mixed media artist

Summer Drizzle, diptych on two canvases totally 60" x 30", ©Kellie Day, Available

Summer Drizzle, diptych on two canvases totally 60″ x 30″, ©Kellie Day, Available


winter birds healing art by kellie day

Winter Birds, triptych on canvas ©Kellie Day, Installation at Catholic Health Initiatives in Englewood Colorado


Mixed media Buddha on canvas by Kellie Day, healing art, available

Mixed media Buddha on canvas, 24″ x 48″, © Kellie Day, Available

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