How to Mix My Favorite Blue

Kellie-Day- on Mixing-Blue paint

Enjoy this quickie inspiration video on how to mix colors by following what you LOVE, and keeping it simple!

We’ll mix my favorite blue with Acrylic paints. If you only have a few minutes, pop into your art room and learn this new color gem to enhance your paintings.

Sometimes color mixing can feel so intimidating, but it’s really just about finding a few colors that you love, and starting to grow your collection.

In this video I also talk about using colors out of the tube vs. mixing them, and how to make it totally non-intimidating.

That’s the key to creating fluidly – your Art’s gotta be fun and non-intimidating.

If you’re looking for more tips on deeper art blocks like busting through negative voices, peruse my other posts here.

Happy painting!


Kellie Day mixed media artist


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