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July 16, 2021
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Women who said YES to their Art
August 15, 2021
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How Your Habits are Crushing Your Painting

How your habits crush your painting

I spoke with a lovely woman this week who hadn’t painted in years. Instead, she got up everyday and did the laundry and dishes instead.

She wanted to paint badly – to share beauty and joy with the world.

She had a wonderful family and other creative outlets who enjoyed, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her painting.

But instead of allowing painting to be a part of her life she was spending YEARS cleaning the house.

The truth is that this woman’s gifts, her unique take on the world, will never be seen by us.

We’ll never have the chance to buy one of her paintings.

And that’s the saddest part – because we were all put here on Earth to discover our passion and share it the the world.

Why do so many women CHOOSE to spend their days going for the To-Do list instead of the paint brush? The answer is simple…. HABIT.

Old habits are dream crushers.

Many of us learn things like this growing up:
– To feel guilty for creating Art
– To not be valued for being a creative child
– To be told you have to be “productive”
– That spending money and time on Art is wasteful
– Worst of all – to abandon your Art and get a job that pays

**And most of us are still being held back by them**

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key” – Eagles

When you accept these life long habits and continue to carry them out in your life, you keep yourself in a virtual prison.

Here’s a check you can do to be aware if you’re in a virtual prison:
– Do you feel constrained or stuck in your life?
– Does every day feel like ground hog day?
– Do you lack spark and pizaaz for your life?
– Do you think about your Art all the time but never do it?
– Do you feel like you’re wasting your gifts?

These “habits” or negative trainings we accumulate in life become our COMFORT ZONE. Our comfort zones are where we stay because they’re comfortable, yet they become a barrier to fully living.

Are you keeping yourself from painting because you feel guilty or lazy for giving yourself the gift of allowing yourself to pick up your paintbrush and get in that joyful creative flow that makes life so meaningful???

What if painting were a value our parents, friends and society encouraged?

What if you finally felt SUPPORTED & ENCOURAGED … and RESPECTED in your Art?

Guess what? You can!

*It all starts with YOU. People take their cues from YOU.*

If you value and respect your painting time, so will those around you.

This happened to my student Erin. Her husband and boys are musicians and she was taking care of all of them and neglecting her Art.

It was crushing her.

She made the bold decision to VALUE HER OWN ART and began working in my Transform Your Art mentoring program. She began painting daily and finding incredible joy and fulfillment by going into her studio every day.

…. And her boys and husband respected and admired her for being a woman with her own passions. But most of all she respected HERSELF.

The whole family was happier because mom was happier.

“If mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” 

Over our 8 weeks together Erin developed a recognizable style, created a series of paintings, and got accepted to a juried show!

Erin O’Connor polar bear painting was accepted to a juried show

If your Art is being crushed by your life long habits and trapped in your comfort zone, here’s my biggest Tip of the Day for you:

** Stop feeling guilty and start saying YES to your Art.**

Your past habits and beliefs are not your fault, it’s what you learned growing up. But only YOU can choose to let go of that old habit and start today to create the life you want with your Art.

Today you get to make a decision that could change your life:

1. You can keep thinking about your painting and feeling guilty for NOT doing it.

2. OR you can take that energy and start today.

Do ONE THING to move your Art forward today – if you do that every day, you will change your life.

Here are some ways to start now:

– Go in your art room and organize your supplies. Set out paper and paint for tomorrow’s one thing
– Do a youtube video and create a small piece of Art. (here’s a free one from me)
– Get a pad of paper and nice pen and doodle with abandon.
– Get a piece of paper and just paint some color swatches you love.
– Gather collage papers and make a collage
– Just do SOMETHING – anything. Just start and do one small thing each day.

You deserve passionate fulfilling life.

And if you want help creating that with your Art, I can show you how.

For those of you who are ready to get support and stop wasting your life feeling guilty, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me here.

In this art call, I’ll take you by the hand and show you, step by step, what’s holding you back in your Art, and what you need to start painting your joy now. And if I can help you get there, we’ll talk about how I can mentor you to know how to paint and feel fulfilled as an Artist for the rest of your life.

Please note you must be ready to start your Art NOW, not wait another day, and to invest in yourself. Do not book a call with me if you are looking for free information.

Click here to Book Your Call so you don’t miss important chance to shift your life to be an Artist now.

As Marie Forleo said just today:

… our wild and precious life is happening NOW, and some of us spend it scrolling through our phones, working to the point of exhaustion and never getting anything done, and wasting our lives.

The time to love your painting practice and share your gift with the world is NOW. Let me help you do this!

With love,


ps. Scroll down to see the latest words from my students…

Joan sold a painting after working with Kellie Day art mentor

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