Are These Outdated Myths about Artists Holding you Back?

This is Amy and Chrystene's story – from perfectionism to creating their own heartfelt paintings and having success and shows!
Interview with Artists Chrystene Thomas and Amy Johnson
May 13, 2022
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How Ruth Found her OWN Voice & Created a Series of Paintings to Show
June 9, 2022
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Are These Outdated Myths about Artists Holding you Back?


Every now and then I get a negative comment on my ads that I just delete, but this was too good to pass up – because this is the exact type of OUTDATED MYTH that keeps women from believing in their Art …

outdated-myths about artists

Let’s break it down:

  1. She is a ‘real’ Artist and others are not
  2. You are definitely not a ‘real’ Artist if you want to ‘feel good’
  3. You must STRUGGLE to be a ‘real’ Artist.
  4. Artists who want to paint for enjoyment are dilettantes, but Artists who STRUGGLE are ‘real’.

That doesn’t sound like much fun! …

I hope you can recognize this type of OLD-SCHOOL THINKING when you see it. Do not buy into this very old MYTH.

This type of belief is the exact reason I work with so many women who have put their Art on hold for YEARS!!! ….

  1. They did not feel supported
  2. They did not feel they ‘belonged’ as an Artist
  3. Other Artists who seemed ‘real’ to them were competitive and non-inclusive.

Just say NO, and call this type of language OUT when you see it.

My entire platform is built on opening women up to finally feel free enough and good enough to express their creative calling – and it’s ALL based on having fun. (If you don’t love your Art you’ll never do it)


If your Art is a part of you, you know it! You feel it missing when you’re not in your “flow”. Your heart longs to express itself. You may have everything else in life, but you still feel a piece of you is missing if you’re not creating.

This is what being an Artist is all about – is having a calling.

What you choose to do with that calling is up to you. Only the women who are the bravest and most determined to live their ideal lives will get the support they need to become Artists. Very few do it alone.

Did you know that every day you waste not believing you have a RIGHT be an Artist, is another day you will never get to make the great paintings that are IN you? It’s one less day that you get to express your soul … and be seen.

Did you know that you could have everything you need to be a flourishing Artist by this summer – instead of wasting years trying to figure it all out yourself?

If you’re realizing old limiting beliefs are holding your Art back, and you’re ready to start creating professional quality paintings – and even show and sell – I can help. 

It all starts with an Art Breakthrough call, and you can book it here. 

(Please don’t book a call if you are just looking for free information) . These calls are for women who are ready to get the support they need to take their Art to the next level now. If that’s you, I’d love to speak with you!

Don’t waste any more precious years believing these outdated myths ..Together we can make your Art come alive by this summer.

Creatively Yours,

ps. Scroll down to see what my latest students have to say…


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