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Poppy Painting Demonstration


Welcome to my Studio!
It’s always great to have art inspiration laying around to keep you going, so this week I’m painting poppies, and here’s a demonstration…

If you’re short on inspiration, you’re not alone. These have been challenging times for everyone, so start by giving yourself some grace.

But the truth is, if you’re not feeling inspired, it’s very hard to get in the studio and get painting. Expressing your creative soul is one of the biggest callings. And not doing it is one of the biggest sadnesses women have – letting years, even decades go by without expressing their Art.

One of the BIGGEST things I work with my students on is having ways to get tapped into that higher creative channel that is bigger than all of us, and living their Art daily. Not just an occasional painting. But actually living as Artists. 

What does that even mean?

Living your life as an Artist means that you are being authentic to your creative expression, and doing it. NOT tucking it away in a closet due to fears. But using your Goddess-given talents in a way that uplifts everyone around you.

When you are living your highest, truest life, you are not just collecting a paycheck. You’re in the stream of what really matters in life – tapping into what makes you happy, and using your gifts.

Sometimes we don’t always feel inspired. Women are tired. They miss their friends or grandkids. They’re worried about the health of those they love. And for many, a lack of stimulation or excitement for their lives right now.

That’s why you’ve gotta have ways to get in the studio and PLAY! There must be things in your studio that call you to make Art. And that includes messing around with the materials and not even being serious about it all the time… you know why? Because that feels incredible to walk out of there knowing you created something – anything.

Art is about doing it. It’s not always about creating finished, sellable paintings. It’s about all the experimentation that goes into those big boys.

I believe in a practical-meets-spiritual approach:

  • We address your self care and create rituals for a daily practice
  • We open up to greater inspiration
  • We create an Artist mindset that knows how to roll as a sensitive person
  • And then we kick ass with real tools and processes that keep women creating, in a FUN, PLAYFUL way.

Because if you’re not having fun, you’ll never get in your studio! 

That’s my little pep talk for today. Enjoy this video, where you’ll see a bit of my process, learn some new things, and find inspiration for your own Art.

Love and light to all of you… and Happy Painting!

Kellie Day mixed media artist

ps. If you want to take your art further, I’ve opened up a few spots on my calendar this week to talk with a few committed women. If you would like to to discuss an Art Mentorship, and start living your life as the Artist you were meant to be, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with my team here. PLEASE NOTE: **These calls are only for women who are ready to take their art to the next level now, and invest in themselves.

pss. Scroll down to see words from my latest Graduates…


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