The Most Important Shift to Making Unique Art

The most important shift-to-making-unique-art--KELLIE-DAYshift-to-making-unique-art--KELLIE-DAY

Lots of women take Art classes to learn better technique. They want to make stronger paintings, and they hope that technique will get them there.

They also hope that these classes will get them motivated to keep going, because so many women dream of having success with their art.

But after the class, they often sink right back into not doing much art or not knowing where to go with their art. Does that sound like you?

ALSO, they are often left with paintings that either look like their teacher’s, OR  paintings that just don’t stand out among all the artists out there.

Today I’m going to share with you the BIGGEST SHIFT you can make to go BEYOND technique and make way better paintings.

The endless pursuit of “learning new techniques” is simply not enough to advance your Art. While techniques are helpful, there is so much more that has to happen first.

  • Painting anatomically correct figures, and perfectly lit barns might be a trade, but this is not going to tap into the deeper emotions of your viewers – not until you start to paint with feeling.
  • If you’re focused on technique, your painting will be tight, and your beautiful inner voice will never show. THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO MUCH IN YOUR HEAD. You will never stand out from all the other painters who can paint a perfectly lit barn.
  • HOWEVER, when you can take that technique, and completely bust out of it with a bold creative voice, your painting will break free and have passion like it never has before.

BOTTOM LINE: Learning to get more raw, and paint with more passion will take your painting from a mere trade, to a more amazing level work of art.

This shift is so important to start making unique art that MOVES YOUR VIEWERS, and stands out in the Art world.

A great example of this is my student Amber who came to me as a very skilled artist who could paint and draw realistically, but she wasn’t painting much. She was in a quest for perfectionism. Together we worked together to break her out of perfectionism and learn to be more free in her painting.

She learned to incorporate fun new materials into her art, and loosen up.

This week she emailed me and said she “feels more centered and happier, and is finally exploring her creative side and answering her true calling as an artist.”

The key for Amber is that BEFORE she was focused on technique and getting everything to look “right”. But that didn’t fire her up, and if you’re not excited about your Art, you’re not going to paint much.

“I feel more excited and inspired to create now.” She says…. And that’s because she’s excited about what she’s doing. She’s not just in her head the whole time now.

If you’re just focusing on classes and techniques, it’s time to throw that out the window and realize that painting is much bigger than technique. Painting is about creating a unique expression of YOU – and having fun doing it. 

If you’re ready to move BEYOND technique, and take your Art and your life to a whole new creative, happy, professional level, I can help…

I’ve set aside a few openings on our calendar in the next few days to talk with women who are ready to make their unique voice shine THIS YEAR. If that’s you, you can book a call with us at

Please note these calls are for women who are ready to get the support they need to start creating the art they’ve always wanted,  NOW. (Please don’t book a call with us if you are just looking for free information.) If you want to answer your creative calling, we can’t wait to talk with you about your Art!


“I wanted to finally focus on myself and give attention to the facets of my life that I had put on hold for over 30 years. I wanted to learn new mediums and explore art in greater depth, and to have a mentor who inspired me, that could show me a path to harness my creativity, and that cared about my growth. I knew instinctively that I needed a mentor to do this – it wasn’t just about taking an art class or two. I was looking for something immersive and complete, and that’s what I found.” – Amber, California

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