Busting through Extreme Critical Voices as an Artist

Busting through Extreme Critical Voices as an Artist

Join us for this inspiring interview with Artist Mary Anne Myers. Mary Anne made only 2 paintings in the last 20 years because her critical voices in her head were paralyzing her.

She would sit down to paint and then when it wasn’t looking the way she wanted, she would be full of angst and never finish her painting.

Mary Anne took every class imaginable – still life, college classes, community classes. But none of them helped her with her critical voices!

“I have taken art classes all of my life, everywhere I can think of…. But it’s ALL technique – never anything about the emotional need, or how you FEEL about creating art. And I very quickly knew that’s what I needed.”

If you are struggling with your own negative voices paralyzing your painting, join us for this inspiring interview.

Learn how Mary Anne busted through her fears, and her belief that she wasn’t talented in just six weeks, and created a body of work with joy!

“Now I have all the information I need for a lifetime to create Art. I’m painting now and I can’t wait to run into the studio and paint. I would never have believed when I started this class that I could have changed this fast. It truly is a transformation.”

Mary Anne’s story is one of the biggest leaps I’ve seen with a student learning to have a successful Artist mindset.

Join us for this interview and be inspired to be your own Artist!


“I would say to people like myself – don’t make my mistake and let so many years go by being frustrated. Because there’s a lot of joy waiting for you.” – Mary Anne Myers

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Note: Please don’t book a call if you are just looking for free information, these calls are only for women who are ready to commit to finally living their lives as artists, and get the support they need to get there.

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