The 3 Essential Elements of Fueling Your Creativity

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June 3, 2023
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June 26, 2023
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The 3 Essential Elements of Fueling Your Creativity

The 3 Essential Elements of Fueling Your Creativity

The 3 Essential Elements of Fueling Your Creativity

This week I led an Art Retreat in northern Arizona.

Do you know what the biggest takeaways were for these women, along with making art?

Having a CREATIVE COMMUNITY of women, and NURTURING themselves.

These three things, art, community and nurture, were so powerfully fulfilling that everyone said they wanted to come back next year.

Do you know why? These are the things that make us feel fully alive that we have a hard time giving ourselves. So much so that we book retreats to get it.

But there’s something that’s even bigger at play here…

Feeding your soul = feeding your Art

These 3 essential elements also FUEL YOUR ART. Because when you feed your soul, you feed your paintings too. 

Often times if one of my students is not feeling inspired or creative, I prescribe adding these things to her personal life.

In order to fully live, love and be happy, women must feed their creative souls. Yet it’s often the most neglected part of their lives.

We have moved beyond the age of women having to serve and do, and into the age of women being creative leaders.

All of these women this past week are choosing to lives their lives celebrating the beauty around them – AND WITHIN THEM –  and fully appreciating it by making paintings of what they love in life.

Elena, for instance, made a three-foot painting of the Ponderosa Pine in her yard, because she wanted to pay tribute to these glorious trees.

Abby made a gorgeous landscape painting of an aspen forest meadow, under the mountains, where we spent a day art journaling. “I wanted the painting to feel like I am in that meadow”, she said.

All these women celebrated themselves and the things they love this week. They valued themselves enough to give themselves this joyous gift of making art together, and nurturing themselves on a deep level.

We are all here to pay tribute to our lives. To live and love fully, to create. If women hide from their creative calling, they are missing out on living fully with purpose and power.

So start today, and infuse this important formula into your life:

Making Art + A Creative Community of Women + Nurturing Yourself

With love,

PS. I won’t be leading an art retreat again until maybe next year, but I can help you find your art, your community, and nurture yourself through my proven Art Mentoring program. If you are ready to say YES to YOU now, you can book an Art Breakthrough call with me here

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