5 Roadblocks that Stop Your Art – and How to Move Past Them

Make Today Your Someday
Make Today Your Someday
August 23, 2021
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October 8, 2021
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5 Roadblocks that Stop Your Art – and How to Move Past Them


Here are 5 reasons Artists often give up or get stuck with their Art. If you can make this simple shift, you can make paintings for the rest of your life.

Often times artists hit a roadblock with their art, and they give up. Something happens that they don’t like, and they get super discouraged and give up on their painting.

Or like my student Suzanne, they might not paint for years.

Today I wanted to give you these 5 roadblocks that can stop you in your tracks with your Art. And how to move past them.

If you can be aware of these, and make one shift in your thinking – it will make all the difference in your life as an Artist.

The key is to realize these are not blocks at all. Instead, they are the natural rhythms of being an Artist.

  1. Go Beyond Mistakes – Artists often think mistakes mean they’ve ruined their painting. That if it’s not good the first time, they don’t have what it takes. THE TRUTH IS – Mistakes are part of painting. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re playing it safe. The only way to grow as an Artist, and improve your art, is to make mistakes.
  2. Accept that Art is all a big experiment – Making great Art starts with experimenting. Doodling, making collage papers, trying crazy colors. Whatever your favorite way of playing and experimenting is – this will inform your Art. If you try to make a masterpiece every time, and don’t let yourself experiment, your art will be tight.
  3. Don’t get hung up on what others say –It’s easy to get knocked down by a negative comment about your painting. Or even worse – when someone looks at it and doesn’t say anything. Not everyone is going to like your art. Some will, some won’t. That’s OK. Move on to the next person and collect your tribe of people who love your art. Don’t try to please everyone or your art won’t say anything. Be boldly NOT for everyone.
  4. Accept there are ups and downs – Some Artists give up when they’re not feeling inspired. Or when things aren’t going well. These are the natural rhythms of being an Artist, and being a human. Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don’t. Art is like life. There are ups and downs. the key is to just keep going.
  5. Making Art to please yourself –  Focusing on painting what others will like, or what will sell, will leave you following trends with no voice of your own. It only takes you away from your own heart and soul. Follow your internal compass. the world wants to hear what YOU have to say. Be bold enough to let yourself shine.

These five things are what I call the “natural rhythms of being an artist”.

– Next time you get stuck, ask yourself if it’s because of one of these things?

–  Remind yourself that this is not a stopping point. It’s just the part of being an artist”.

If you can make this one shift in your thinking, you’ll make truckloads of paintings in your lifetime.

The reason most artists give up is because they think that these rhythms are signs that they aren’t good enough…

Or that they don’t have what it takes. Actually it’s just part of being an Artist. The difference between and amateur and a practicing artist is simply recognizing this, and keeping going.

Keep going through these rhythms next time instead of letting them stop you. That will make all the difference in your Art practice.

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PS. Scroll down to see words from my latest grads …

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