Women show said YES to their Art
Women who said YES to their Art
August 15, 2021
5 Roadblocks that Stop Your Art – and How to Move Past Them
September 30, 2021
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Make Today Your Someday

Make Today Your Someday

Most of us wait for the perfect “someday” to come for our perfect life to arrive. The truth is you can have it now.

Most of us wait for our ideal life. We do this simply because of good reasons:

  • I’ll wait until the kids go to college or graduate
  • I’ll wait ‘til I retire
  • Until I have enough money
  • Until I lose 10 or 20 pounds
  • Until my husband or partner does their dream

 And so on. The reasons are endless but the bottom line is this –

“Someday” never comes.


Dede was waiting for her “someday” to come to finally make her Art happen. She had taken my course, had all the words, tools, knowledge and inspiration to create Art for the rest of her life. But she wasn’t doing it.

She was waiting for her life to be more stable, to get the “right” job, basically for everything to “click”. She was waiting for something to “fall into place”.

Sometimes women wait for everything to be perfect in life so that they can finally be an Artist.

Dede kept waiting for her life to all come together – for her “someday” to come – and she wasn’t super happy.

One day it hit her – The problem was she waiting for her Someday. .. and it never comes!

She finally realized that her ideal life was here for her right now –all she had to do was DECIDE to make TODAY her Someday.

Since she made that decision she’s been flooded with happiness. She realized she was actually the one IN CONTROL of her life – she didn’t have to wait for some random circumstance to make it all happen for her –which feels helpless.

Right then Dede decided to “make today her Someday”.

She started doing her Art. (she already had the know-how to do it from working with me). She found an ideal job where she could travel with her husband in their camper and her travels have become her greatest inspiration for her Art!

Dede now takes her Art with her wherever they go.

“I have experienced a flood of Happiness since I decided to make TODAY my Someday.”

IF YOU’RE FEELING LIKE THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU: We’re not talking about moving mountains. We’re talking about making a simple decision to live your ideal Art life NOW – and stop waiting.

We only have so many days on Earth. Life is precious. The older we get the more we can see that.

Making today your someday can be as simple a picking up your paints and putting your Art first today.

Making today your Someday is simply about putting the things you LOVE ahead of the things you “SHOULD” do – today.

If you’re typically a responsible person, it can be hard to do this. HOWEVER this is exactly WHY YOU CAN – you aren’t a flake who’s going to suddenly have terrible time and money management. You’re already good at that. It’s time to step off the “doing everything right” train, and start living this life!

Everyday you get up you can make this decision. “I will make today my ideal day”.

And if you need a step by step process for starting your Art life, and creating your most beautiful heartfelt paintings ever – I can help…

If you’re ready to make your Art “Someday” now you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me this week. In this call, we’ll discover what’s keeping your Art stuck and what you need to move forward, and talk about your Art dream. And if I can help you get there, I’ll show you what that looks like.

Please do not book a call if you are looking for free information. These calls are for women who are ready to get the support they need to make their Art happen, and invest in themselves. If that’s you – I’d love to speak with you! 

PS. Scroll down to see words from my latest grads …

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