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November 6, 2020
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How to Take Your Art from Amateur to Pro

my number one tip for going from amateur to professional artist

Hello Beautiful Artist!

Can I be frank? Women never take their art to the next level unless they get a burr under their butt and do something brave.

So many women tell me how much their art means to them – how it’s been a LIFETIME calling – and how they’ve put themselves on hold FOR DECADES and are now ready to be a painter …

And then they keep doing the same thing they’ve always done, which gets them the same result: their art doesn’t grow. 

TIP: You have to do something new and daring if you want to live your life as a confident artist.

Here’s what kills your chance of ever being a thriving artist:

  • Being wishy washy – “I’ll think about my art, and keep thinking about it.” (staying where you are)
  • Living in FEAR – “I’m not good enough / I might find out I’m not really that creative.” (keeps you playing small)
  • COMPARING – “Everyone else is better, there are so many artists out there. Why even try?” (not believing you have something truly unique to offer)
  • Being in SCARCITY – “I don’t want to waste paint/time/money” (not trusting you have something amazing worth sharing)
  • Staying in the COMFORT ZONE – “I can’t do something big and risky, it’s uncomfortable.” (keep you stuck)
  • Waiting for the “RIGHT TIME” – “If I wait until the holidays/surgery/work/children are out I can do my art.” (never move forward)

There is only one way to make big progress with your Art and start living your life as an Artist NOW: 

“Do something right now that will take you a giant step closer to your goal … Make sure it’s something scary, something that you’d really rather not do because it’s super uncomfy, something that makes you feel like you might puke” ― Jen Sincero

Here are some examples:

– Fly to your dream foreign country and take that dream workshop you’ve always wanted to do. (in non-covid times)

– Join an in-depth painting program from an Artist who’s work you LOVE (not a tiny $200 one that you’ll never do, but one where you have skin in the game and have to be committed).

– Hire an Art Mentor that you resonate with to hold your hand and walk you to next level.

Do something – anything big and exciting NOW. Or you could wait another year and get to the end of 2021 and realize your art still hasn’t progressed.
So who are YOU? The woman who will get to the end of 2021 and still be in the same place? Or the woman who’s tired of waiting and ready to live your most sparkly Art life now?  

If you want option B (sparkly Art life), I can help.  

We’ve opened up some times on our calendar in the next few days and you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with my team. We’ll get on the phone with you and help you get a plan for what you need to get unstuck and move forward in a big way with your Art. And if we can help you, we’ll show you what that looks like. 

If you’re tired of waiting and you want that more artful sparkly life now, you can book a call with us at KellieDayArt.com/booking.

Please note: These calls are not for everyone. Please do not book a call with us if you are looking for free information. They are for women who really want to live their lives as Artists, and start now.

If that’s you, we’d love to talk with you! You can book your call at KellieDayArt.com/booking

Kellie Day mixed media artist
ps. Scroll down to read words from some of my latest students …

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