Paint for You & Stop Pleasing Others - A Conversation with Errin Witherspoon
Paint for You & Stop Pleasing Others – A Conversation with Errin Witherspoon
October 28, 2020
my number one tip for going from amateur to professional artist
How to Take Your Art from Amateur to Pro
November 13, 2020
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VIDEO: Create the Life You Want from Within


Enough of waiting around for the world to get better! Are you putting your life on hold waiting for election results? …Or hiding out waiting to see what Covid will do?

It’s depressing letting outside factors control us, when the real power we have is INSIDE all of us:

– Our Creative ability
– Our ability to create calm in our soul
– Our inner wisdom that really knows what we need to do

People who tap into these powerful resources, and get the skills to use them create amazing lives.

They’re able to create the artful lives they want BECAUSE they don’t allow their days to go up and down depending on what’s going on in the world. AND… they aren’t ruled by their FEARS.

Fears like this: They aren’t afraid to get the tools the need to make their Art to the next level.

… and fears like this: They aren’t afraid to try to make paintings, even though it scares them!

If you are waiting for “what’s happening in the world” to improve, this one powerful shift will change everything for you:

Bravely start living a rich internal life and VALUING your dream of painting NOW. Know you’re an artist, because you feel it inside. This video will share 5 steps with you on how to start doing this.

The most perfect world is already inside of YOU – waiting for you to tap into your creativity.

Kellie Day mixed media artist
p.s. If you’re ready to get the support you need to finally move your art forward, find your style, and enter 2021 as an artist, book a free “Art Breakthrough Call” with us here. These calls are for women who are committed to making their art dream happen, and ready to invest in their art and themselves now. Please do not book a call if you are just looking for free information.

ps. Scroll down to read words from some of my Graduates…


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