Colorado Mountain Art Retreat LIVE Q & A

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Colorado Mountain Art Retreat LIVE Q & A


If you’re pondering the Colorado Mountain Art Retreat, just a reminder this is the last weekend for the Early Bird special! Click here to Join us.

This May, I’m teaming up with abstract artist Heather Neilson to lead you on a unique and rich creative adventure to take your art to the next level – while feeding your heart and soul in the Colorado mountains.

Most retreats offer to teach a technique. But we’ve designed an exclusive Retreat at the spectacular Chipeta Solar Resort where we’ll show you how to harness your playful, creative voicediscover your inspirations in the beauty of the majestic San Juan mountains, and then transform that into beautiful art.

… Add to that natural hot springs, a mountain hike, art journaling, and tastes of yoga and meditation – and you’ll come home relaxed, inspired, and with vibrant new art in your hand.
**There are only seven spots left** so reserve your spot for this exclusive Colorado Mountain Retreat – May 4-9, 2020 in Ridgway Colorado at the spectacular Chipeta Solar Resort.


Here’s the highlights:

Spend four days at the heavenly Chipeta Solar Springs Resort in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado. Connect with yourself and other creatives in a rural mountain setting teaming with inspiring energy.

  • Recharge your excitement for your own art,
  • Discover a deeper connection with your spirit,
  • …and head home with a rested soul and newly inspired paintings.

In a spectacular setting and a warm, supportive environment, we will guide you on nature walks, art journaling, and an inspiring hike…

Then we’ll show you how to translate all of your unique inspiration into beautiful mixed media and abstract paintings that reflect who YOU ARE, and what’s important to you.

Book Your Spot Now and get the Early Bird Special THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Meet your Creative Guides...

We are excited to take you on this journey. Together we bring decades of experience making and teaching art. Kellie is a well-known artist, educator and the owner of Transform Your Art Mentoring Program. She is a master mixed media artist with clients like Trader Joe’s and The North Face.

Heather is an accomplished abstract expressionist and art journaler from Connecticut with over six years teaching art workshops. Her abstract paintings are powerful, energetic expressions built from practicing intuition and immediacy. She also brings deep experience using art journaling to further ideas and foster self exploration. Heather and Kellie are GOLDEN Paints Art Educators and bring a wealth of knowledge along with high quality, professional materials.

This is a retreat for the whole you – body, mind and spirit – to allow for your unique creative talents to emerge.  Enjoy a mountain hike, morning yoga, guided art journaling and lots and lots of time playing with art. Refresh, recharge, and leave ready to take your art practice to a new level.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time there are only seven spots left. Do not wait to reserve your spot –Book Your Spot Now and get the Early Bird Special THIS WEEKEND ONLY

I can’t wait to paint with you!

ps. Scroll down to hear what others say about art classes with Heather and Kellie….

“Kellie brought out the creative person who was hiding within me.   I had taken art lessons that focused on technique & skill that did not resonate with me. I wanted to be able to express my feelings on paper… Now I am able to put my soul on paper, be inspired and comfortable doing art by myself, and make art that I can proudly hang in my home.” – Kay

“Kellie is an art mindset healer, and creative art whisperer.” – Marisa

“There are so many ways Kellie has helped me but I would have to say the biggest area of growth for me is being comfortable painting for myself through the critic’s voice in my head. I have been creating for others for so long that I ignored my soul’s calling to create for me. In her Art Mentoring program I rediscovered my passion for making art.” – Louise

“I credit Kellie, if I hadn’t taken her Art Mentoring program I wouldn’t be where I’m at today as an Artist. I’ve been very busy with commissions. I am very thankful. Just sold a 40”x 30” acrylic on Gallery stretch canvas.” – Marilyn

“Everything Kellie promises was delivered, which is nothing short of miraculous. I wanted to make creativity my default again, as it was in the first half of my life, & I can honestly say that it is now. I discovered that it actually never went away; all I had to do was embrace it. Ideas are overflowing each day! Kellie’s course measurably loosened my style & made it possible to start painting from my heart or authentic self rather than my head or preconceived ideas.” – Kelly

“Heather is an amazing instructor. She makes you feel calm and positive about your efforts. She is very helpful and full of ideas. I will definitely take more classes with her!”

“I’ve never taken an art class, as an adult, until I took Heathers class. I was nervous, but she was reassuring and made it fun. There were other great people there too. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

“Heather …offers a supportive, non-judgemental space to create art and make new friends! I highly recommend and endorse her method of teaching and gentle guidance to bring out the best work in each participant. ♥️”

“I have taken art journaling classes with Heather Neilson and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Heather teaches many aspects of creating a mixed media art journal including image transfer, collage, writing from personal experience and experimenting with ink, color and graphite. Heather is an enthusiastic teacher who has many ideas to share and creates a warm and supportive learning experience.” 

Book Your Spot Now and get the Early Bird Special through Feb. 16, 2020

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