Connecting with Spirit Through Your Art This Holiday Season

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Can You Make a Living as an Artist?
November 15, 2018
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January 20, 2019
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Connecting with Spirit Through Your Art This Holiday Season

Connecting with Spirit through Your Art ©Kellie Day

This video is taken from my facebook group , Transform Your Art from Dabbling to Professional Quality.

Do you feel like you are connecting with spirit when you paint?

Spirit, God, Energy, collective soul – whatever you choose to call it – is the life form that is larger than us. It’s what I call creativity.

If you’ve ever felt like your art is lacking spirit, or failing to move people … or if you long for your art to be less restrained and realistic, you could be connecting with spirit on a much deeper level in your art.

When you learn to make art that is beyond your logical thinking, that is from a feeling, and that really touches people, you are connecting with spirit in your art.

It’s something that we ALL have inside of us, and I talk about tapping into that, and spreading our spirit this holiday season, in this video.

If you have ever felt limited by your ability to get “inspired” (in-spirit) or have ideas for your art, it’s time to tap into spirit with your art.

Some of you may have felt this when you have simply LET GO, given up trying to make everything LOOK RIGHT, and gotten into “the flow” of painting.

Connecting with spirit in your art begins with feeling it inside of you first, and knowing you are worthy.

Deep down inside you know that you have beauty to share, or you wouldn’t be here trying to do your art. MOST IMPORTANTLY, know that the world NEEDS your beauty.

I work with women every day on tapping into that spirit, letting go, and starting to paint from a place that is much larger than them. This is something that I have opened myself to in my own art over the years, and know it’s my greatest gift to share this with others.

It’s how we take all of our life experiences that have been beautiful or difficult, and share them with the world. And it’s how we also find meaning in these experiences. Because the most difficult times give us the empathy and vulnerability to be able to comfort others. And YOU CAN DO THIS WITH YOUR ART when you connect with that spirit.

We are loving creatures, we all need love. And we can spread that gift of our love this holiday season, with our art.

If you want to learn HOW to connect with spirit more deeply in your art, don’t wait until January. Gift yourself the greatest gift you can now – I’m opening up a few spots in my calendar this week to talk with a few women who are interested in moving their art to the next level. If that sounds like you, then you can click here to book your spot.

Please be aware these Art Breakthrough Calls are not for everyone. This is only for you if:

* You are ready to do something different than you have been doing and are ready to do it NOW! You are done gathering free information, and trying to expand your art yourself, and are committed to taking action and ending your state of putting everything else in front of your art.
* You are Coachable and open to having a real conversation about where you are stuck so I can truly help you.
* You are ready to live your dream instead of your excuses, and invest in your art the REST of your life, and ready to make it happen now.

If that sounds like you, then this call is for you. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

With love and creativity,

Connecting with Spirit through Your Art ©Kellie Day

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