VIDEO: Do You Have Enough Talent to be a Professional Artist?

Kellie Day's studio table

This is video is from my Transform Your Art Facebook group for super creative women who want to take their art from Dabbling to Professional Quality. 

Are you looking on the internet and seeing all these artists and wondering if you’re good enough?

OR maybe you haven’t made very many good paintings in a while and you aren’t feeling very talented.
Are you noticing someone else’s brush strokes are so much more confident than yours?
Do you wonder if you can make enough art for a show, ’cause you keep getting stopped by your belief in yourself?

What can happen when you don’t feel you have enough talent, is you can get really dejected.
Enough to even stop painting.

If you don’t feel l ike you have enough talent, you never really go for it.
You keep putting your art off, and letting everything else come first.
And the result is you stop painting, or you can’t start, or you can’t work through it.

Watch this video and find out the difference between someone who’s really rocking their art, and someone who isn’t. And why talent has NOTHING to do with it.


ps. If you’ve watched this video and you are ready to unleash your full creativity ability and launch your art dramatically forward, Schedule a Breakthrough Art Call with me now. But only if you’ve watched this video and are ready to make a major transformation with your art, step out of your comfort zone, and invest in yourself.

This is not for everyone. This is only for you if:

* You are ready to do something different than you have been doing and are ready to do it NOW! You are done gathering free information, and trying to do it yourself and fix it alone, and are committed to taking action and ending your state of putting everything else in front of your art.

* You are Coachable and open to having a real conversation about where you are stuck so I can truly help you.

* You are ready to live your dream instead of your excuses, and invest in your art the REST of your life, and ready to make it happen now.

If that sounds like you, then this call is for you. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

Choose you and choose your heART! 

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