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September 13, 2018
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September 27, 2018
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VIDEO: Are You Living Your Passion?

are you living your passion? watch this video by kellie day

are you living your passion? watch this video by kellie day

This is video is from my Transform Your Art Facebook group for super creative women who want to take their art from Dabbling to Professional Quality. 

Do you want to live your most passionate, heartfelt life? Do you want to use your artistic abilities to the fullest and create beauty to share with the world?

Finding your passion is not always easy to do. It can take a while, and involved trying different things.

Then once you know what your passion is, you often have to step WAYYY out of your comfort zone into the places that scare you to get there.

Living our truest lives, and using our greatest abilities feels amazing. Here is a bit of my story of how I arrived at living my life as an artist in a gorgeous mountain town, and my (not so easy to hear) tips for living YOUR most passionate life.


ps. Schedule a Breakthrough Art Call with me to talk about how you can start living your passion, and step into your greatest ability as a painter. But only if you’ve watched this video and are ready to make a major transformation with your art, step out of your comfort zone, and invest in yourself.

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