VIDEO: The Truth about Why Your Art is not Succeeding

Developing Your Style as an Artist
VIDEO: Developing Your Voice as an Artist
September 7, 2018
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VIDEO: Are You Living Your Passion?
September 21, 2018
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VIDEO: The Truth about Why Your Art is not Succeeding

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I know from my own experience that it takes more than just art skills to make truly great art that really moves people.

First and foremost you have to know what your idea of success is, or you’ll never get there. Whether it’s …

– Making art that really moves people
– Just painting regularly and loving that feeling
– Showing your work and sharing it with the world
– Finding your own style
– Finding your happiness again through art
– Or whatever your idea of success might be.

You can be the best at colors, shapes or any medium in the world. But if you don’t have the big picture to ride the ups and down you’ll never make it.

On my own journey to becoming a professional artist, I’ve had to learn the skills to …

– get out of your head and leave the negative voices behind
– believe in yourself no matter what
– open yourself up the greater creativity beyond you
– discover the magic of finding lifelong inspiration,
– and have tools for keeping going when you don’t feel inspired
– how to look deeply within yourself and start to see what makes you unique on canvas. What your special traits are – and how to play those up to develop your own personal style
– and so much more!

But even with all of this experience and insight and knowledge, I cannot reach you and make you into an artist … Only You can.

And it’s not that I haven’t seen your issues before, I have. I talk with 15-20 women a week and I only offer half of them a spot into my Transform Your Art program.

Here’s the thing, I have the best program out there today for artists looking to transform their art from dabbling to professional quality.

I KNOW I can help them make art again, loosen up, find their style, and even start showing and selling. But so often women are actually not willing to help themselves.

– They are afraid to confront their fears.
– They want to keep thinking about their art, because it’s safer than actually doing it
– They think if they just keep painting their challenges will solve themselves, even if doing it all themselves has never gotten them where they want to be

Many people would rather stay in their safe place, even if it’s uncomfortable than try something new and really invest in their art.

And most women I talk with KNOW deep down inside -even if they are under-confident on the surface – that they really have powerful art ability. But the single only thing holding them back, is that they just keep thinking about it, and they never do it.

The truth is that once you decide to simply do it – I KNOW I can help you get there, because I’ve done it myself, AND I’ve helped hundreds of women with their art.

BUT YOU HAVE TO VALUE YOURSELF— do you? My question to you today is: Do you want to live in your DREAM, or do you want to live in your excuses?

Every time we take a leap into something that is important to us, there is risk.

Were you scared to have children, or get married, or commit to your degree, or start that new job or business? No growth in life comes without discomfort, risk and fear. But when you really want something, you simply DECIDE to do it. Think about the times you have really put yourself out there to get something you really wanted. This will give you the strength to do it with your art!

In order to really succeed with your art, you have to get the big picture skills I mentioned above…. And if you really want those, I can help you get there, because I’ve walked this road myself, and I’ve helped hundreds of women with their art.

Schedule a FREE Breakthrough Art Call with me to talk about how you can start living your dream as the CREATIVE GODDESS you know you were meant to be!

This is not for everyone, however. This is only for you if:

* You are ready to do something different than you have been doing and are ready to do it NOW! You are done gathering free information, and trying to do it yourself and fix it alone, and are committed to taking action and ending your state of putting everything else in front of your art.

* You are Coachable and open to having a real conversation about where you are stuck so I can truly help you.

* You are ready to live your dream instead of your excuses, and invest in your art the REST of your life, and ready to make it happen now.

If that sounds like you, then this call is for you. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

Choose you and choose your heART! 

ps. This is video is from my Transform Your Art Facebook group for super creative women who want to take their art from Dabbling to Professional Quality. You can join here if this is you!

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