How to Become Free in Your Painting and in Your Life

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September 23, 2022
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How to Become Free in Your Painting and in Your Life

Hello beautiful Artist,

A lot of painters want to be more FREE with their painting. They want to get back in that FLOW where they’re just feeling JOY, and they’re not in your head.

But for some reason when women try to do this, they get so frozen in their fear of “What if I make a mistake?”

The truth is painting involves allowing ourselves to experiment and to try different things…

And the biggest thing with this is just allowing ourselves to make mistakes.

So if we view painting as something we’re just experimenting and playing with, and trying new things, then we can stop looking at everything as a “mistake”, or as “failing”. Because that’s only going to freeze us up as painters.

The true beauty of being an Artist, is surrendering to that process of just being in the moment, and allowing creativity to come through us, and seeing what happens on the canvas. 
But this can feel easier said than done.

Often when women say, “Okay, I’m going to loosen up and try to be free”, and they end up being terrified when their painting ends up not looking the way they had hoped.

Don’t get caught in this trap. It’s a trap where your brain tells you you aren’t a good painter.

**If you don’t know how to grow your paintings to a greater place on your own, this has NO reflection on how “good” of a painter you are.  It’s simply happening because you don’t have the skills, or roadmap for how to get there. Most people don’t.

But don’t give up hope. There’s a process for letting go and becoming more free in your painting – which in turn makes you more free in your life. It’s a 3-part combination of:

1. Learning practical steps to free up your painting.
2. Combining that with mindset training to break free of your fears.
3. Having a guide to walk you through your transformation who’s been there before, and can see your blind spots to keep you moving forward.

When you get these three steps, and stop painting with so much control, you learn you can paint from your heart. And when you do that, you begin to truly express who you ARE on this planet –and THAT is the most freeing feeling of all.

If you are ready to finally feel free in your painting, I can help…

I’ve opened up a few times on my calendar this week to speak with a few determined women. If that’s you, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me here.

I have helped nearly 200 women walk this path, and I can help you too.

**Please don’t book a call with me if you are looking for free information. These calls are only for women who are ready to break free of their lifelong blocks and invest in the guide to get them there.

If that’s you, I’d love to speak with you about finally painting freely, which spills over into all areas of your life. You can book your breakthrough call with me here.

With love,

ps. Scroll down to see what my latest students have to say…

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