From Stuck in Fear to Creating a Series of Paintings and Winning an Award

open your heart to your art
Open Your Heart to Your Art
September 9, 2022
How to Become Free in Your Painting and in Your Life
September 30, 2022
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From Stuck in Fear to Creating a Series of Paintings and Winning an Award

Artist Interview with Arlene Sedora

Arlene was painting with watercolors and creating some nice pieces. As she tried to learn more, she kept getting tighter and became paralyzed  with fear. She couldn’t figure out where to go next with her paintings. She knew something was really wrong. She was so stuck in needing to control her outcome that she was frozen.

“It was such a miserable, sad experience”, she said.

Arlene knew she had to do something to become unblocked and move from her head to her heart to become free in her painting.

Within six month of working together Arlene broke FREE from her fears, created a series of paintings from her own life, and won an award in a juried show.

Hear her amazing transformation and how she did it in this interview!

“…  The freedom has brought me so much joy. And not just in my Art, but I just feel lighter in my life – more alive in my life… now I feel fearless about my Art and it’s just flown over into other parts of my life.”

With love,

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