Put Your Unique Voice in Your Art

Put your unique voice in your art

Put your unique voice in your art

Do you feel like you have something special to share with the world, but you’re not sure what it is?

If you’re timid or doubtful about what’s beautiful about YOU, you’re going to stay hidden with your art.

Or …  if you’re trying to fit into someone else’s formula for painting, you’ll be stuck with your paintings looking like theirs.

The process of creating art is about discovering what’s unique about YOU.

If you feel like you have talents and beauty in your heart, and you want to learn how to bring out what’s meaningful to you, here are 4 KEY TIPS to start putting your unique voice in your paintings:

ONE – Embrace the loveliness in you: both the things you LIKE about yourself, and the things you DON’T. If you embrace these inner shadows, or the things we don’t like about ourselves, they can make our art stand out more than anything.

For example, I’m super messy, like a bull in a China shop – I’m not delicate and neither is my art. When I noticed all the drips and messes, and bold images, I embraced that, and it’s become part of my style.

This is a BIG part of what I do with the women I mentor – we dig into who you ARE, what makes you unique as a person – this is the first step.

TWOTranslate those unique elements about YOU into your art: It’s about finding a process for expressing these unique things about yourself onto canvas.

For example, if you’re into gardening, you may use seed packets collaged into your work. If your mom was a decorator and collected Art Nouveau pieces you may have some of those designs in your work. If your granny travelled to Japan and brought back beautiful Japanese prints, you may have some of that flavor in your work. The possibilities are endless!

THIRD – You’ve GOTTA believe in yourself: You have to believe you have something WORTHWHILE TO SHARE. This is the key ingredient of the women I work with who end up making a body of work and doing a show with just a few months. Their success happens REALLY FAST because they believe in themselves. If you’re not believing in yourself, you’re going to be hiding those gifts that the world needs for the rest of your life.

This is a lifetime struggle for soooo many women – it’s about knowing how to heal that inner child and being vulnerable enough to share yourself with the world, like my incredible student Mary Anne, who came to me with so many self doubts she could hardly paint. And now she’s confidently creating paintings every week!

FOURYou have to keep going: If you haven’t painted in a while, or you’ve been out of touch with your art for decades, it can be hard to get going again. If you need help getting going, take a class, or hire a mentor. But whatever you do, start now – don’t waste this precious life!

Art is a process of DISCOVERY. With every painting you make, you’re going to notice elements of your unique voice more and more.

The key is to GET PAINTING, and don’t give up. You’re going to make some good and bad paintings, and that’s OK. With each painting you learn something VALUABLE. The only people who don’t succeed are the ones who give up.

If you’re making paintings and getting frustrated because you’re not seeing what’s unique about you, and if you want to make your style happen THIS YEAR, I can help.

I’ve set aside a few slots on our calendar in the next few days to talk with women who are ready to make their unique voice shine THIS YEAR. If that’s you, you can book a call with us at kelliedayart.com/booking . Please note these calls are only for women who are ready to get the help they need to create unique art NOW. (Please don’t book a call with us if you are just looking for free information.)

You can do this in 2021. If you want to answer your creative calling, we can show you how to make it happen by booking your call here.

Happy painting!

p.s. Scroll down to see a few words from my most recent grads…


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