How She Stopped Settling & Launched Her ART– an interview with Kathe Lisy

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How She Stopped Settling & Launched Her ART– an interview with Kathe Lisy

From settling in life to landing a gallery, an interview with artist Kathe Lisy and Kellie Day

Kathe Lisy was tired of settling her whole life. She raised her children, and now her grandchild, and was working full time. She made a decision that she didn’t want to settle anymore, it was her turn finally for her Art. In the last year she learned to make paintings she loves, feel happier and landed a gallery

Watch this interview to find out how she did it.

30 years ago Kathe’s art was important to her, but she didn’t’ know how to put it all together. She took a job as an Art teacher and “just settled”.

Last year Kathe decided she was tired of people not showing much interest in her Art. “I want more”, she said. “and finally it just hit me – I’m not going to get more unless I do something.”

She started looking for Art programs. She was ready to choose between two: one where she could keep doing the same thing she’d been doing, or two, joining my Art Mentoring program and get completely out of her comfort zone.

At that moment, she decided “It’s my turn, I’m not getting any younger, and I’m taking the plunge.”

Over several months Kathe discovered her happiness, and a spiritual connection to her Art. She began to get easier on herself, and feel lighter. As she went through the process she built her confidence, and her know-how to create paintings she loves…. and now she’s in a  gallery!

“I had the opportunity to explore, to have a leader, and a group of people to bounce ideas off of. I wouldn’t be here without that support.”

“I used to look at other people’s work and I thought my work sucked.” Then I was readingThe Artist’s Way and I thought, “What would happen if I didn’t paint? I would be stuck, and I would be in a rut.”

“It took me twenty years but now I get it: You make the time for yourself first, and you let everything else fall around that.”

If you’re settling like Kathe was, and you’re stuck in a rut and you don’t know what to do. Or if you’re watching TV every night and you want to be making art –  this is the interview for you!

Watch the video above to find out how she did it!


PS. If you’re tired of trying to figure everything out on your own, and you’re ready to get the tools and support to be a happier, more productive Artist, you can book a call with me like Kathe did here. Please don’t book a call with me if you’re just looking for free information. These calls are for women who are ready to advance their Art now, and get the help that they need to take their Art to the next level. If that’s you, I’d love to talk with you here.

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