40+ Women Share 4 Keys to their Art success

How do we become thriving Artists? An Interview with Artist Laurie Waalkes
How do we become thriving Artists? An Interview with Artist Laurie Waalkes
April 25, 2023
Peak at my NEW Art Collection, "Colorful Colorado"
Peak at my NEW Art Collection, “Colorful Colorado”
May 20, 2023
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40+ Women Share 4 Keys to their Art success

40+ women share FOUR Common KEYS to their Art success

40+ women share FOUR Common KEYS to their Art success

Are you longing to create your Art life?

This week I spoke with a woman who was in tears because she’s been wanting to reconnect with her painting for her entire adult life. 

She wasn’t supported by her parents, but instead was encouraged to take a more traditional job that filled her bank account, but not her heart. 

30 years later she is still missing her art, and trying to find her way back.

Is this happening to you? 

When women try to silence their art for decades, the result is internal sadness. And sometimes depression or illness. We cannot silence our true heart’s desire.

This woman told me she is afraid to regret not using her full potential … that she considers art to be healing, and that she was at a pivotal moment in her life – where she could choose to keep doing the same thing, and stay in the same place – OR, she could choose to be brave, take a risk, and embrace her art.

She choose to stay in the same place. Why? Because she wanted to stay in her comfort zone of what she’d always done. But this only yields the same results.

* The key to creating change and jumpstarting your Art is to get OUT of your comfort zone, be brave and do something different. Because what you’ve been doing is NOT working *

Your life is your greatest work of art. You can choose to create it however you want. It’s happening right now, and you are creating it with the choices you make every day.

This week I had a GRAD REUNION CALL on zoom, with over 40 women who I’ve worked with in the last few years. (I’ve worked with over 200 total) These women shared their successes (like painting a series, finding their confidence, doing shows and selling), and they shared what had helped them continue to live their lives as successful, happy artists since working together.

Here were their top four answers for their Artistic Success:

1. Be Brave and “Do scary things”  – Like Laurie, who has had art in 5 galleries and been selling.
2. Keep Showing up – Even if it wasn’t every day, it was continual willingness to show up, through any ups OR downs, like Cecelia, who’s showing and selling her work now.
3. Have Community – It is a lifeline to have an artist’s community, we need each other, says Nancy, who stays connected while creating paintings continuously! 
4. … and hands down the one thing that JUMPSTARTED it for all of them was Art Mentoring 


If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and create your life of Art, I can help. 


You can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me like these 40+ women did. We’ll jump on a call and find out what’s holding you back, and where you want to be with your art (start dreaming!). And if I can help you get there, I’ll show you what that looks like.

Please do not book a call if you are looking for free information. These calls are only for women who are ready to get out of their comfort zon, invest in themself, and start creating their Art life now. 

If that’s you, I’d love to talk with you!


PS. Scroll down and here what some of these same women are doing…

Book your Art Breakthrough Call here 

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