How do we become thriving Artists? An Interview with Artist Laurie Waalkes

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How do we become thriving Artists? An Interview with Artist Laurie Waalkes

How do we become thriving Artists? An Interview with Artist Laurie Waalkes

Laurie needed to find her voice as an artist. She had recently retired, but couldn’t get into her studio due to self doubt around being treated with a mood disorder. She felt her art could never be good enough again, and that it would be “flat”.

In less than a year, she began fully thriving as a real artist, has been in 5 galleries and has an upcoming show. (plus more!) Hear her story of how she overcame her limiting beliefs and began thriving as an Artist in this vulnerable and brave interview …

Laurie had been sampling art classes for many years, learning lots of strategies, but felt like she was spinning her wheels. Her art was not saying anything.

Her instructors were unintentionally steering her towards their aesthetic, and she wanted to express her own voice.


After retiring from a career in Education and being diagnosed with a mood disorder, Laurie felt adrift and believed that her voice would be “flat” from her medication.


She wasn’t going into her studio. She believed that her ability to create freely was gone. Deep down she was afraid she wasn’t a real artist.

“For art to be a spinning wheel and not gaining any traction was frustrating.”

Laurie and I met last June and she began to learn a structure for her art, and embrace a morning routine and gratitude practice. She began to regain her sense of belief in herself and how she deserved to express herself.


Her intentional healthy habits and newly gained painting structure helped her get to know her “new” normal. Her art voice began to develop and she began to paint freely again.


Within less than a year, Laurie created a series of native plant paintings inspired by her childhood, has been in 5 galleries with an upcoming summer show. Her favorite accomplishments is that she’s gained an incredibly supportive artist community.

“You don’t have to be lost after retirement, you can have a whole new life.”

Now she’s enjoying painting in layers and incorporating words and quotes that she loves into her paintings.

“There were risks that I decided to go out and take … those risks were rewarded.”

Laurie credits her dedication to taking risks and taking action to where she is now.

“I believe that if you just take action, if you make a decision and you move forward with it, you are either seizing the opportunities or you are manifesting them – and somehow the opportunities fall into place.”

Enjoy this interview and find inspiration for your OWN art! 

With love,

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“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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