5 Shifts My Students are Using to go from Dreaming about their Art, to Showing & Selling

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The Most Powerful Shift for Making Time to Paint in Your Life
April 5, 2019
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April 21, 2019
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5 Shifts My Students are Using to go from Dreaming about their Art, to Showing & Selling

This video is taken from my Transform Your Art Facebook Group

If you’re you stuck with your art, and not making progress, or feel like you’re spinning around trying things, but you don’t have a plan for starting to show and sell, you can come to a plateau with your art, and not get anywhere for decades.

It can be even more frustrating if your friends are having success with their art, and you’re watching them have shows, or win awards, and you’re stalling out at home.

If this keeps going on, it can affect your confidence and your self worth. Some women want a fulfilling purpose for themselves – outside of their kids and jobs.

If this is happening to you, years can go by and you can feel like you haven’t accomplished anything.

Today I’m going to give you 5 shifts that my students are using to go from being stuck, to getting a plan for how to develop a body of work with their own style, and know-how to start selling and showing.

If this is you, read on…

SHIFT #1 – Make friends with your fears.
If you don’t move beyond your fears, you are actually failing by not trying.

If you let your fear of failure, or your fear of showing your art in public, drive your life, you will never really use the gifts you were given.

“Do something that scares you everyday.”

What my students are DOING DIFFERENTLY is learning a process for making friends with their fears,

PART OF THIS IS just knowing they MAY walk beside them the rest of their lives, but having the tools to tame the negative voices – enough to be brave and start doing their own shows.

Story – One of my students, Michelle, had a traumatic experience in her life and didn’t paint for twenty years. When she came to my program, I gave her a recipe for opening up to what she loved again, and making it “safe” to paint.

I worked one on one with her to find joy in her art, and NOW, she paints every moment she can now. Here’s what she said:

“I Learned to find confidence in myself again. That I am worth it –  and I have found a drive, that I have not had in a long time, to connect with myself. I am no longer fearing failure, or scared … and it gives such a deep joy!”    

Learning deep tools for Making Friends with Failure, and feeling supported on that journey, is going to make all the difference in moving forward with your paintings. And this is the FOUNDATION of creating a body of work. ‘Cause if you can’t get past your fears, you will have a hard time even making art, right?

Watch this video (above) to hear the rest of the shifts my students are using to finally get their art out there, like SHIFT #2 – “Let the House Go”, SHIFT #3 –“Don’t Paint What Sells”, and more…

Happy painting!

p.s. If you’re ready to get the support you need to finally move your art forward, find your style, and learn to start showing and selling, book a free “Art Breakthrough Call” with us here. These calls are for women who are committed to making their art dream happen, and ready to invest in their art and themselves now. Please do not book a call if you are just looking for free information.

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