What Do You Want for Your Art in 2021?

What Do You Want for Your Art in 2021? –

What is it you want for your Art in 2021? You have to envision it to make it happen. Now is a great time to get out your journal and wildly write out ideas for where you’d like your art to go this year.

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, I believe in New Years DREAMS! This is a precious time to flourish in your Art practice, and not come out of this covid period having just done the laundry! So many women don’t want to just go through the motions of getting things done every day – they want to live with more purpose and passion. It’s a decision that we make to elevate our living.

If you have a creative calling, you can’t ignore it without consequences. The women I talk with tell me that because of going for  years without connecting with their painting, they feel depressed, or like the life is getting sucked out of them from their job or busy-work.

Instead of letting time get away this year, here is my recipe for you to finally make your Art happen in 2021.

First, name your dream or goals for your Art. Here are a few you could choose from:

– To just start painting again, and feel joy from connecting to your creative calling

– To paint more, and get in your studio feeling super excited about making art more often, and seeing what you can really do with it.

– To find your “voice” in your Art, and really learn to make it “you”. For your art to have your style, your quirkiness. For you to experience radical self acceptance and have the bravery and know how to express your soul through painting!

– To start getting your paintings out in the world, and sharing and selling them. To feel the great reward of having someone come up to and say they are really MOVED by your art – and even that they want to buy it!

These are just some of the dreams and goals you can choose for your Art this year. And it’s so exciting to look forward, and get a plan for how to make them happen!!!

This year, instead of shaming yourself into a New Years “resolution” that will never happen. Get excited about creating your ideal life. That’s how I ended up as a painter living in an idyllic town, where I can do all the things I love and feel fulfilled, surrounded by wonderful loving souls who support me.

Once you’ve chosen your New Years Art Dream, how do you make it happen? Here’s my recipe for you to make your Art dream finally happen in 2021:

  1. Choose your dream vision for your art in 2021 (make it attainable)
  2. Map out your week, and reserve “Sacred Art Space” on certain days or times each week, which you’ll protect as your dream space, and make for your Art. (I make a chart that has space for everything I want to do during the week, and has regular art time)
  3. Create small goals each week that are attainable. (you have to have success to build confidence)
  4. Check that these small goals will add up to your year end result.
  5. Begin your first Sacred Art week, committing to your dream, and hold it sacred. Just take one step at a time towards your dream – small consistent steps– so that you are not overwhelmed and quit.
  6. If you need help reaching your goals, find support for how to do it.

Some of the ways women need support in reaching their Art dream can look like this…

– They need an easy way to get started creating fun paintings, so they will actually get going and love it enough to KEEP going!

– They need tools for how to move through the “awkward teenage phase” in the middle of their painting, when they are either not liking it, or afraid to ruin it – so they will actually finish their paintings and be happy with them!

– They want support, love and a creative community to flourish. Much like a plant that needs light and water and nutrients to bloom. I call this your “recipe for happiness”.

– They want a roadmap or plan for how to put all their art questions together and move FORWARD with their art in a meaningful way, not feel scattered or like they are going nowhere.

– They want to the tools to know how to start selling and showing their art, so they can share their beauty with the world.

If you are aware that you need help, love and support to make your Art dream happen, reach out and find the person/class or program that feels right to you. And if you want an Art Mentor to help you gain all of these skills, I’m here for you.

You can book an Art Breakthrough call with my team at kelliedayart.com/booking, and we’ll help you find out where you are stuck, and what you need to move forward… and if we can help you, we’ll show you what that looks like.

**Please note** these calls are only for women who are ready to finally take their art to the next level, and get the support they need. Please don’t book a call if you are just looking for free information.

Once you commit to your Art, doors open. More doors than you can ever imagine.
If you want 2021 to be the year of your Art – if you have tried and tried on your own, but nothing is working, pick your dream, commit to your art and get the support and tools you need to make it happen. We can’t do this alone. 


Come out of Covid finally making your Art Dream come alive. This time is a GIFT.

Happy New Year!

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