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What Do You Want for Your Art in 2021?
January 3, 2021
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January 31, 2021
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52 Reasons Your Art is Important



So often women don’t begin their Art because they think it’s “frivolous”, or not as important as other things in life.

Yet I talk with women every day who are withering inside because they’ve been neglecting their creative calling for so long.

If you need a reason to get going, I’m here today to give you FIFTY TWO! – 52 Reasons Why Your Art is Important.

These are the results that I see every single day from my Mentoring students. And they can be yours too.

So no more excuses … Here are 52 reasons why you can give yourself permission to start your art today! (And if you don’t know how to get started, scroll down to the bottom of this post)…

With Love,

Kellie Day mixed media artist

52 Reasons to Start Painting Today:

1. Making Art helps women transition from serving everyone else in Life to serving and nurturing themselves.
2. They find Meaning and Purpose.
3. They learn Radical Self-Acceptance.
4. They forgive themselves for not being perfect.
5. Through self-acceptance and forgiveness, they are able to create Art.
6. The begin to look at creating Art as a Way of Living, instead of being “good enough” or “not enough”.
7. They find incredible personal fulfillment.
8. They are Happier.
9. They find Purpose in the second half of their lives.
10. Their deeper happiness spills over into the rest of their lives and everything becomes better.
11. They feel more Complete.
12. Their Relationships become better.
13. They are happier at work because they know they have painting to look forward to at the end of the day and on weekends.
14. They have their Art to look forward to in Retirement.
15. Life becomes more exciting because they get to do Art for the Rest of their Lives.
16. They inspire their Children.
17. They inspire their Husbands and Partners to begin their own Dream.
18. Women who begin their Art in middle age reconnect to their “child” Artist – the free Spirit they were at age 11 – or 8th Grade.
19. They Release self-judgement.
20. Women who create Art experience Fascination
21. … and Discovery.
22. They are Elated when they think of a lifetime of Exploration ahead.
23. They Connect with their Heart
24. … and learn to live a more Heartfelt Life.
25. They learn to listen to – and Trust – their Intuition… and let it Guide them through the Art process, which spills over into their lives.
26. … In doing so, they discover their “Inner Wise-Woman”, and how powerful she is.
27. They form a deeper connection with Spirit, and life becomes even more meaningful.
28. Women who make Art begin to express themselves and what they have to say in this Lifetime – more strongly than ever.
29. They learn how to Visually express themselves.
30. They learn to Embrace who they are – good and bad, flaws and quirkiness – and Flaunt it on canvas… which spills over to life.
31. They learn a Visual Language for expressing Who They Are.
32. They share their Unique Self with the World.
33. They lift others up by doing so.
34. … In doing so, they realize their Unique Voice has Value.
35. They experience people being MOVED emotionally by their Art.
36. They Sell their Art and feel that Satisfaction!
37. People come up to Women Artists and tell them they Love their Art!
38. Women Artists learn to believe in themselves first.
39. … Then they get to experience the Reassurance of OTHERS finding Joy in their Art as well.
40. Women who have always felt like a creative Soul, finally call themselves “an Artist”.
41. They overhear their friends and family referring to them as “an Artist”.
42. They know – on a deep level – that they are living a Meaningful Life, and that no matter what happens in life, nothing can take this away from them.
43. They know they are using their Gifts.
44. They are not Wasting their God-Given-Gifts.
45. These Women rest, assured that when they reach the end of their Lives, they will have Lived Fully, and not just kept the damn house clean.
46. They smile, knowing they are one of the Rare Few living a truly Authentic life.
47. They earn Money from their Art.
48. They feel admiration from others for what they are Capable of Creating.
49. They begin to see with “Artist Eyes” – to see the beauty in this world more fully.
50. Women who create Art experience rich delight in the details of a flower, a tea cup, or butterfly wings – the gifts that are all around us.
51. They learn to express this Beauty of the world, for others to enjoy.
52. Artists make the world a more Beautiful Place.

If this moved you in some way, let me know. I love hearing from you!

… and if you want 2021 to be the year of your Art, but you want to feel SUPPORTED making it happen – you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with my team, like these students did, at kelliedayart.com/booking, and we’ll help you find out where you are stuck, and what you need to move forward… and if we can help you, we’ll show you what that looks like.

Please note, these calls are only for women who are ready to live the rest of their life as an Artist, and invest in themselves. Please don’t book a call if you are just looking for free information.

Don’t let another year go by without living your one precious life as an Artist. Your Art is waiting for you!

ps. Scroll down to read the latest words from my students…

If you’re ready to begin taking your Art to the next level…

… you can Book Your Art Breakthrough call here.

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