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January 15, 2021
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February 3, 2021
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The Biggest Block to Creating Art

The biggest misunderstanding of creating Art, is that you are supposed to be “good” or have “talent”. Otherwise you are “not good enough.”

When women believe they aren’t good enough Artists – even a little bit – they tend to hang up their hat for a very long time.What a shame this is.

The True definition of “Artist” is not someone who is “good enough”, or selling tons, or making a full time living.

The True definition of an Artist is very simply, “someone who has a calling to create.”

Here’s how you know if you have a calling to create:

Are you always finding a creative outlet in life?

– Like re-arranging the furniture

– Helping your cousin or neighbor redecorate her home

– Making jewelry or sewing masks?

– Maybe you’re a super creative dresser.

– Or you’re always making cards for people.

If so, the question is – Do you want to do more with your creativity?

Do you want to share your Art with the world? Do you want to see what you’re truly capable of, what you have inside of you, if you can just get it out?

I’m a very strong believer in listening to your Intuition.

Often women have an intuitive sense that they want to be doing a lot more with their Artful tendencies.

But then they go look at social media and tell themselves, “Everyone else is doing it, and they’re all better than me, so why should I bother?”… and immediately shut themselves down.

Artists are just people with a Creative Calling that actually did something about it.

They made Art, and they had to keep making Art once they started (the hardest part is just starting). They just had to do it.

How do you think Georgia O’Keefe or Mary Cassatt got so good? … They made a bung load of Art!

One of the biggest misnomers of Art is that you have to “be good”, or why bother starting? But the truth is, you have to START, and make a lot of Art, to GET GOOD.

Sooooo … If we get rid of this belief that you have to be good or have talent to start painting, what’s next?

Some people choose to take classes and learn techniques. That is a very good place to begin.

Techniques – a foundation of how to create color and light and composition – are all going to serve you well in your Art making.

But I believe reaching your highest expression is much bigger than just technique.  It starts first with getting out of your own way.

The key to great painting is first a total release of all inhibition, and then a trust in miracles. Plus some really great tools or a process for starting and finishing your paintings.

What I mean by this is, there is a very special dance between getting your of your head, and wisely knowing when to allow logic to come into play in the creative process.

**It’s all about knowing how to turn off your self-judgement so you can make your best Art.**

As far as a trust in Miracles – this is whole ‘nother conversation, (email me if you want to know more). In a nutshell, it is having intuition, listening to it as you paint, and trusting that the wild things it instructs you to do are really the miracles that will take your paintings from good to great.

The take home message here, is to get rid of that belief that you’re not good enough, and replace that with being BRAVE enough. And that’s how you finally start living your life as an Artist.

If that’s you, I can help…

If you’re ready to START living your life as an artist, and you are ready to be brave enough, I offer a free Art Breakthrough call with my team. We’ll get on the phone for about half an hour and find out what’s holding you back in your Art, what you need to move forward, and if we can help you, we’ll show you what that looks like.

If that’s you, you can book a call at KellieDayArt.com/booking !

Please don’t book a call if you are just looking for free information. These calls are for women who know they have a creative calling, and are ready to give themselves the gift of finally taking their Art to the next level.

If that’s you, we’d love to talk with you. You can book your call at https://kelliedayart.com/booking/

Happy Painting!

Kellie Day mixed media artist

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Don’t let another year go by without living your one precious life as an Artist. Your Art is waiting for you!

If you’re ready to begin taking your Art to the next level…

… you can Book Your Art Breakthrough call here.

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