The Power of Having Support in Your Art, and How to Get It

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January 31, 2021
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February 9, 2021
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The Power of Having Support in Your Art, and How to Get It

the-power-of-having-support with your art, and how to find it

the-power-of-having-support with your art, and how to find it

Today I’m going to talk with you about the miracles that occur when you seek and find support in your life, and how to do that…

Do you ever feel exhausted from keeping all the balls in the air in your life – without much help?

If you’re burned out, grumpy to your family, exhausted at the end of the day, and not super excited about life, it’s probably because you’re trying to do too much on your own.

Over the last two months I had to honor of being coached by the incredible and lovely Marjorie Nass.

Marjorie helps women live healthier lives, regain energy, and get out of body pain so they can return to the activities they love.

Because of Marjorie’s support and wisdom I’ve lost seven pounds, have more energy than ever, and have no lower back pain. I feel amazing. (Not to mention my Art business is thriving!)

When we have someone to support and guide us, it’s amazing what we can do. … AND how much happier we feel.

There’s something magical that occurs in the universe when you commit to your ideal life, and someone is rooting you on. It’s as if the moment you put both feet into your desires, the universe lines up to support you.

“Hold the great image. All under heaven will come.” – Derek Lin

The “great image” means having a clear visualization of what you want to manifest, like your life as an Artist. When you hold this in your mind with a focused intent, AND take intelligent action towards it each day, everything and everyone around you will automatically become aligned with you.

I see this all the time with the Artists I work with. They often tell me that the moment they decide NOW IS THE TIME to make their Art vision happen, they find me. (When the student is ready, the teacher will appear).

There are no coincidences when you move in the direction of your Authentic Life.

What I’ve learned from watching women over and over – who didn’t believe they could be “Artists” and then did – is that miracles happen when you have support.

But it’s more than that…

Yes, support with a leader you trust will absolutely help you reach big goals if you are dedicated. Yet the bigger truth is that we all need continued support to flourish every day.

It’s not “one and done”.

Today I challenge you to gather ways you can find support in your life with your Art right now.

**Right now, you have a choice. You can move on to your day and forget about this, and keep getting the same results. OR, you can actually take action to become more supported right now, and change your life. **

Here are some ways you can create a more supported life for your Art and your self:

  1. Find an Art or “accountability” buddy who lifts you up. Chat on the phone with them once a week and hold each other accountable for your painting. Someone who you can support as well. *This MUST be someone who’s energy is positive for you.
  2. Take Art classes throughout the year where you can interact with knowledgeable teachers and enjoy the company of other students (ie: community is crucial). *There are small classes going on even during covid time.
  3. Look up Art Association in your area. Being a member is a fabulous way to meet other creatives, do group shows, volunteer and network. Again, be SURE it’s a group that feels positive and uplifting to you.
  4. Find the right Art Mentor or coach – If you’ve tried these types of support and want a more personalized experience, Art Mentoring is the next step up. This type of support that is focused on you, as an individual, will make the greatest leaps and bounds with your art. (Just like I did with Marjorie).

If that’s you, and you’re wanting to get the support to live your life as an Artist, I can help.

I’ve opened up a few times on our calendar this week to offer a free Art Breakthrough Call with my team to see if we can help you. We’ll get on the phone for about 30 minutes, and find out what’s holding you back, and what you need to make a significant breakthrough to paint professionally with your heart and soul… And if we can help, we’ll show you what that looks like.

If that’s you, you can book your call at (Please don’t book a call if you are just looking for free information). These calls are for women who realize THE TIME IS NOW for their Art, and are ready to breakthrough to the next level with their painting.

If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you. You can book your call here.

ps. Scroll down to see what my students are saying…

“I joined with Kellie to learn more about myself and what I wanted to say with art.  I liked the idea of six weeks of intensive learning. That’s 42 days of videos, prompts, chats, encouragement , teaching, phone calls both private and group.

I loved every minute of it! I had a great experience. Kellie is a wonderful teacher, she has a great eye for seeing what you need to hear. I highly recommend this course.

I think the biggest change is the confidence … I felt bound when I started this program, I didn’t know if I could feel anymore. Kellie knew how to pull it out of me, how to get to the feelings that I kept hidden. Something about the process and the steps involved brought me to a place where I can feel a change , a mind shift, a change in heart, and a changed thought process toward my creative self. I’m too old to waste anymore time with silly little thoughts I don’t really believe anyway. Any day spent with paint and lost in time is a good day.” – Jerri Ann

“I think you’ve been the best thing ever for me, it’s pushed me into new frontiers. I’m a lot more relaxed and creative, and more expressive, and that’s what I’ve really wanted. I’m now able to go out and paint and not copy others, but explore my inner-self, a revelation of my spirit. … I wanted to grow into a bigger artist and I feel like I’ve done that. I feel like I was lost and now I’m now found” – Corinne

Book your Art Breakthrough call here.

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