How to Get in Your Studio When You Don’t Have Any Time
How to Get in Your Studio When You Don’t Have Any Time
February 21, 2019
live mountain painting with kellie day
Live Mountain Painting with Kellie Day
March 24, 2019
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Eight Habits of Being a Thriving Artist

8-habits-of-being-a-thriving-artist with Kellie Day

If you’re having trouble keeping your art going consistently, feeling frozen part way through the process from fear, or struggling with the negative voices in your head – you’re going to want to tune in on the underlying “big stuff” it takes to thrive as an artist.

This week in the group that I mentor, every woman had a different challenge they were facing in their art. I wanted to share these topics with YOU. These elements of being a creator are soooo important if you’re going to establish a creative practice for the long run. If you don’t get past these blocks, it’s tough to make art consistently, attract a following, or feel truly happy with your work.

In this video I shine a light on these crucial eight seeds that will make your art practice grow – ENJOY!…

Once you watch this video, if you discover you would like to do the deeper work to get past these blocks for good, and start making the best art of your life, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me here:

Please note these calls are only for women who are tired of being stuck in your art and ready to get the help you need to finally start living your dream as an artist. Do NOT book a call with me if you are just looking for free information. You must be committed to doing something different, emotionally and financially stable, and ready to invest in yourself and your art.

If that’s you, I can’t wait to talk with you!

Happy Painting!







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