8-habits-of-being-a-thriving-artist with Kellie Day
Eight Habits of Being a Thriving Artist
March 10, 2019
The most powerful shift for making time to paint in your life
The Most Powerful Shift for Making Time to Paint in Your Life
April 5, 2019
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Live Mountain Painting with Kellie Day

live mountain painting with kellie day

live mountain painting with kellie day

This video is taken from my facebook group, for women who want to Transform Your Art from Dabbling to Professional Quality.

This week I thought it would be fun to do a quick LIVE painting video in my facebook group. Each week I do a LIVE video with tips and inspiration for artists looking to take their art to the next level.

If you’re looking for ways to start paintings, and move beyond copying others to get started, it’s so important to have the know-how to start paintings different ways. If you have a variety of ways to get going, you’ll find it easier to get into the studio and make art.

A lot of times women love creating art in classes, but after the class aren’t sure how to start paintings on their own.

OR, they get stuck copying others, which is fun, but after a while they want their OWN artistic style.

If you’re enjoying those painting classes, but having trouble getting started on your own, it can be hard to produce much art.

In this video, you’ll see a practice painting I did for a workshop I taught this week called, “Big-Ass Mountains”. Everything I teach is based on being approachable and joyful, so that my students KNOW how to get started on paintings, and are loving making their art. This is the KEY to a life-long art practice.

Landscapes can be overwhelming.  Here in southwest Colorado we are surrounded by 14,000′ rugged mountains and cattle ranches. It’s so beautiful, the inspiration never ends. This view of the Sneffels range that I’m painting will have some cows at the bottom before I’m done – it’s the view we drive by when we head to Telluride, past Ralph Lauren’s 9,000 acre ranch. What are you surrounded by that you love? OR maybe your favorite place to go? These are the seeds for a great landscape – plus SOOOO much more!

When something in your life is magnificent – it’s hard not to paint it. Take a peek at what I’m painting here and catch a glimpse of my process.

Once you watch this video, if you discover you would like to do the deeper into your own work, and learn the tools to start making the best art of your life, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me here: kelliedayart.com/booking/

Please note these calls are only for women who are tired of being stuck in your art and ready to get the help you need to finally start living your dream as an artist. Do NOT book a call with me if you are just looking for free information. You must be committed to doing something different, emotionally and financially stable, and ready to invest in yourself and your art.

If that’s you, I can’t wait to talk with you!

Happy Painting!


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