How to Paint More & Get the World to Value Your Art

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February 3, 2019
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How to Paint More & Get the World to Value Your Art

This video is taken from my facebook group , Transform Your Art from Dabbling to Professional Quality.

As artists, our emotions, and our highly developed senses are what allow us to create art. They are what form our ability to notice things more deeply. They are our beauty and our gift.

Unfortunately the emotions of a woman are OFTEN SEEN as overreacting. And as a result, we often spend our lives stuffing them down.

If you’re an emotional, sensitive person, as so many artists are, the only thing that happens by burying our feelings is developing a thick skin for survival that puts us dangerously out of touch with what matters most to us – our Art.

And the biggest problem is that we’re not valuing these parts of OURSELVES…. I talk with so many women who don’t allow themselves to get in the studio enough, or even at all, because they feel like they have to “get things done”.

But the bottom line is – if we don’t value our own art, no one will.

SO what does valuing your art look like? …

When was the last time you took the whole day off for your art? Not half a day, but the WHOLE day?

With the freedom and spaciousness to get up, stretch, meditate or pray, read, write, look at art, and have the deliciousness of the WHOLE day to get into your studio and ALLOW yourself to value making the art you LOVE? When’s the last time you cleared the day to have no chores, and no meetings, just to make your art?

THAT is valuing your art.

What the world needs more than anything, is for you to allow yourself to feel your senses more than ever. You can help CREATE a world that values art, emotion, beauty, love and connection more. BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE YOUR ART FIRST. And that starts by valuing it yourself.

As artists, it’s our responsibility to shine a light on the beauty of the world, for people who need to be MORE in touch with their emotions.

What we need to do now is to allow ourselves to feel our senses more than ever. Here are some ways to do this…

  • Smell a warm summers day and linger in it.
  • Feel the TOUCH of soft flowers or fabric on our skin. 

** Be so present in hugging someone you love that this moment feels like the best one in your whole life.** (have you felt this?) 

  • Experience the millions of greens in a forest – and FEEL how they SOOTH you. This is HEALING.
  • HEAR the birds flying over and wonder about what they are saying, or the miracle of their flight patterns.
  • NOTICE the smells of water, and KNOW there is a world under the ocean that is JUST as important as the one ABOVE it.
  • Place VALUE on all that feeds your heart and your senses in each moment.

There is a kingdom in each moment, if you allow it.

Our emotions and our celebration of beauty are the fundamentals of creating our art. Don’t stuff it down any more.

Give yourself the biggest gift you can, and start celebrating the beauty and voice that’s inside of you, that shows up as your feelings and senses.

Your art is the most important work you can be doing.

If  you’re ready to start making the best art of your life, but you need the support to get there, you can reach out to me for an Art Breakthrough Call. These calls are for women who are READY to do something different NOW and not wait another day to make their art happen.

You MUST be committed, ready to do the work, emotionally and financially stable, and ready to invest in yourself. Do not book a call with me if you are just looking for free information. If this is you, you can book a call with me here. 

Happy Painting!

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