art can be your saving grace this winter
Your Art can be your Saving Grace this Winter
December 4, 2020
Creating Your One Precious Art Life
Creating Your One Precious Art Life
December 26, 2020
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Why Talent doesn’t Matter in Art

Why talent doesn't matter in art

I asked my good friend Erika the other day, “Why do you think some Artists like Janis Joplin and Georgia O’Keefe make it so big, and others don’t?”

“Because they just HAVE to do it,” she said. “They have this drive to do it all the time and they have to do it.”

It struck me, what she said. I’d never thought of Art success that way before. These famous artists were OBSESSED with creating. They couldn’t stop doing it. They were driven.

That’s when I realized…

Talent isn’t what makes an Artist successful, it’s drive.

I’ve noticed the same thing with the artists I work with.   Talent is not what makes or breaks an Artist. It’s passion.

Everyone creates Art Differently.

  • Some are messy and rough.
  • Some are more controlled and refined.
  • Some are good at drawing accurately, some are not.

What matters is how you put what you “got” together.

Here’s what I mean…

  • Some Artists are into making pretty things – images that delight the eye.
  • Some are into painting what they’re passionate about – like my student Joan’s social justice art, or Robin’s political series.
  • Some Artists approach painting with harmonious color palettes that are soothing. Others love muted palettes, others like vibrant colors.
  • Some Artists paint because they’re re-connecting with a part of themselves that has been lost and needs to re-awaken. Like my student Diane’s paintings that are stories from her childhood, which make feel lighter and happier when she connects with these memories.
  • Some painters find it cathartic to move a lot of paint around on the canvas. For them, it’s the process that’s soothing and flowing for them, like Beth.

Art is very simply a Calling. It is not a contest.

Art is for people who are called to do it. For them it’s about creating because (as my friend Erika pointed out), “They just have to do it.”

So if YOU are hesitating to paint, because you think it’s a gig only for the people who are more “talented”than you – you couldn’t be more wrong.

Ask yourself – Are you called to create? Are you like a bumble bee who’s not making honey?

If you’re called to create and you’re not doing it, it’s like that bee who’s not making that sweet honey that fills up this Earth with goodness. Life is missing something, not only for YOU, but those people out there who need to see visual voice in this world.

Once you tap into your flow, your honey jar will be filled with goodness for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. … and that’s when life starts to make sense and feel happier.

If you were meant to create, it cannot be ignored. You have a CHOICE: that voice inside you will ask you to begin, and you can either shush it… or answer.

My student Diane began painting again this year, and reconnected to her 11 year old child within. She asked her husband if he noticed anything different about her now that she was painting again, and you know what he said? “You seem more complete.”

Sigh…. Such goodness.

If you’re hesitating to paint because you might not be good enough – you can take that off the table today – it’s not about talent. It’s about that little voice that’s calling you to make Art.

If you are called to create, RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest painting class/artist friend/video or mentor – whatever excites you most. Just START.

And if you’re looking for support Awakening your Art journey, and you’re ready to begin, I can help….

I have opened up a few times on our calendar in the next few days, and you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with us. We’ll get on the phone with you, help you discover what’s holding you back in your Art, and get a plan for what you need to move forward.

We all need support to take our passion to the next level, and we are here for you if you’re ready.

Please do not book a call with us if you are just looking for free information. These calls are only for woman who are ready to make their Art Dream happen now.

If that’s you, we’d love to talk with you! You can book your call at

Kellie Day mixed media artist
ps. Scroll down to read words from some of my latest students …




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