When Your Weakness Make You Feel Like a “Bad” Artist

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When Your Weakness Make You Feel Like a “Bad” Artist

When Your Weakness Make You Feel Like a "Bad" Artist

When Your Weakness Make You Feel Like a "Bad" Artist

When Your Weakness Make You Feel Like a "Bad" Artist

When Your Weakness Make You Feel Like a “Bad” Artist

Are you doubting yourself when you paint?

When you’ve been trained to think something about you is a “weakness” for your whole life, it affects your belief in your painting as well.

My friend Vanessa was always told she was “too much” because she’s a brilliant woman who speaks her mind. Another friend Valery was seen as the “bad girl” because she had an adventurous spirit and was wild.

These parts of ourselves that we are conditioned to believe are our weaknesses show up when we’re painting and can become an inner battle.

If you’re stuck believing that you ARE your weaknesses, this can hold you back in your Art as well.

A lot of women even stop painting because it doesn’t feel good, and they start vacuuming instead.

Other women try taking classes to move past their stuck places, which is a great way to get going, but if the class or the teacher doesn’t fit in with who you are, it can lead you to feel worse off.

Everything changes when you learn a Recipe for taking what you thought were your weaknesses, and turning them into your strengths – that’s when you begin to develop recognizable paintings – because you let who you are SHINE.

AND – that’s when you get to celebrate who you are … which is the most incredible feeling in the world.

– When you learn to take what you thought were your weaknesses – and embrace them in your Art, that’s when you break free of what is weighing you down.

Vanessa, for example, took her “too much-ness” and decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of playing in a band! This is a wonderful example of where being “too much” is a strength.

Or Sharon, who’s painting is above … Sharon felt her paintings didn’t look serious enough. She felt her Art had to look more “professional”. She was painting scenes from her life in Florida, and the things that she loves about living there – like the colors and the plants and jellyfish. But she thought her paintings weren’t sophisticated enough.

We worked together to actually play that up – to start incorporating even more of her love of whimsy, bold colors and fun details – she began embracing the elements that delighted her, instead of thinking they looked amateur.

Now Sharon is painting the things she loves in her life with more confidence than ever – and as a result her paintings are getting stronger and more sophisticated. Those elements that she thought were not serious enough are now becoming her strengths … and she just sold her first painting!

What happens when you’re willing to go through this type of uncomfortable growth, is that if you stick with it, you will emerge on the other side with your strongest paintings ever.

When I work with Artists to break through these negative feelings about what they thought were their “weaknesses”, they begin to FEEL LIGHTER in all areas of their life.

It’s the most beautiful thing to watch a woman’s energy become lighter as she embraces her power.

If you’re tired of beating yourself up for your “weaknesses”, and you’re ready to learn to express and accept who you are through painting like Sharon is, I can help…

You can book an Art Breakthrough call with me here: kelliedayart.com/booking

I teach a proven process to let go of the heaviness of your self-judgment, and be free in your Art.

Please don’t book a call with me if you’re just looking for free information. These calls are only for women who are ready to break through what’s holding your art back, be committed now, and invest in yourself.

If that’s you, I’d love to speak with you. You can book your breakthrough call here.

Sending love,

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