From a Fear of Rejection to Confidently Painting & Selling – An interview with Caroline Baasch

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From a Fear of Rejection to Confidently Painting & Selling – An interview with Caroline Baasch

From fear of rejection to confidently painting and selling

Caroline had been painting her floral pieces for five years, and had some success selling at local art shows. But she couldn’t stop struggling with her fear of rejection. It was holding her back in her art.

She was painting to please others, and didn’t feel free.

“I was afraid everyone would discover I was a hoax. I felt I had to do my Art ‘right’. I was frozen.”

Caroline wanted to feel confident and believe in herself, to express her love for flowers and color without being afraid of judgement. She also wanted more tools to market her work and embrace her style.

Within just six weeks, Caroline worked through her blocks and began to see her failures as a way to progress. She became more confident about herself – not just as an artist, but in all aspects of her life, and now feels confidence to paint more expressively with her own voice. She has three upcoming shows!

“That’s been the greatest thing that’s moving me into success is that I’m being honest about myself. I’m not so afraid of letting people know who I am. And if you’re doing it wrong, do it wrong but do it anyway. I don’t think anybody will be sorry they’ve done their Art, but they might regret NOT having done it.”

Happy listening!

p.s. If you are ready to say ‘Yes’ to YOUR art, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me here, like Caroline did a few months ago. Please note these calls are not for everyone. You must be committed to being the artist you were meant to be now, and getting the support you needs to do this, and be emotionally and financially stable so that you are able to focus your time, energy and finances into achieving this goal!



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