How to stop Dabbling and Do Your First Art Show

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The Essential Attitude for Art Success
July 6, 2023
Reawakening Her Creativity with her Dream Art Show – an Interview with Mischelle Davis
Reawakening her Creative Spirit with her Dream Art Show – an Interview with Mischelle Davis
August 2, 2023
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How to stop Dabbling and Do Your First Art Show

Have you been dabbling in Art for decades?

Do you have an Art dream you want to unearth, and share with the world?

My student Mischelle had a dream to do an Art exhibit in a vineyard. She told me about her dream earlier this year, and it seemed so far off.

She had been in marketing for a long time, just retired and was out of touch with her creative side – but she knew that she had it in her.

She decide to get the tools to make it real. 

Watch this video to find out what it takes to go from dreaming to actually launching your first Art show…


Mischelle’s first step was to admit she wanted to make her Art Dream happen. Many people think about their dream, but subconsciously keep pushing it aside. The key is to admit it’s real and that you want to actually do something to breath life into it.

Once Mischelle retired and decided to really go for her Art dream, she went about getting the tools to make it real. Here are the 7 key things she learned:

  1. She learned that to pull this exhibit off, she would need more than art technique – building her painting technique was an important part of her success, but there was a lot more to it …
  2. She knew she needed to feel more confident as an Artist. But that’s not something you can buy in a bottle. However, as she began to develop a series of paintings, she began to build her confidence.
  3. Building her confidence naturally allowed her to relax and expand into the amazing parts of herself. She began to trust and to express these parts of her voice in her paintings. She learned to incorporate the things she loved into her art.
  4. Once she was creating again, she learned to make stronger paintings from start to finish – and to make them professional quality.
  5. As her skills and know-how developed, she learned to take risks. Risk taking was a big part of taking her art from good to great, AND putting herself out there in front of a crowd. Risk taking was essential to launching her Art dream.
  6. She moved beyond copying and learned to create her own works of Art.
  7. Finally, she learned how to put on a show and sell her paintings.

I’m going to interview Mischelle about how she did all of this, so keep your eye out for that video, coming out soon.

And if you are ready to make your Art Dream come true too, I want you to know it’s possible. If Mischelle did it, so can you …

There’s so much beauty inside of you. The first step is to say, “It’s time!”.


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PS. If you want to make your art dream happen like Mischelle did, you can book an Art Breakthrough Call with me, like she did a few months ago. We’ll figure out what you need to make your dream happen, and if I can help you get there, I’ll show you what that looks like. Please don’t book a call with me if you’re just looking for free information. These calls are for women who are ready to invest in themselves and make their art dream happen now. If that’s you, I’d love to speak with you.

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